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Frank Magazine Ottawa Edition

Frank 150 - History of Canada Book E-book

Frank 150 - History of Canada Book E-book

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Well that was a swell 150 years, Canada. And your absorbent paper of record, Frank, has been alongside you all the way! Albeit with a few gap years here and there, owing to the odd bankruptcy.

Anyway, pressing on....

Remember Wayne and Shuster, weren't they a lark? Er, okay – how about repatriating the constitution? Wasn't that something? No? Well, never mind. We've made Canadian history interesting again for the first time by making stuff up. It's hilarious, the way a country of note should be.

Not persuaded? Great! Taking our word for it won't put bread on our table. So buy a copy of Frank's History Of Canada and see for yourself! It makes the perfect stocking stuffer, or it can stuff a wild menorah if that's your heritage. One love.

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